About Me!

When I was 12 or 13 I was loaned a camera by a family friend to use while on a school journey to Italy. If memory serves it was an Agfa camera, with a pop-out lens, which I very quickly rendered useless since I was more fascinated with the beautiful engineering of the thing and decided to pull it apart to find out how it worked. After that, it never worked again and I didn’t touch a camera of any significance until 1981. I was asked by a colleague if I would like to buy a second-hand camera system that he was selling for a friend. Although I confess I didn’t appreciate it at the time, following some half-hearted bartering I took possession of an Olympus camera system which I really do wish I still owned today. Over the years I have read quite a few books on photography, far too many according to Mrs S, but I’m not an academic. I’m a kinesthetic learner, which means I learn by carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration.

I very much enjoyed the discoveries of owning a chemical darkroom for a number of years until a move to a smaller home forced the sale of my beloved Durst M305 enlarger and all related ancillary equipment. Frustratingly I now have the space but not the money to replace all of the equipment!

I draw almost all of my enjoyment of photography from the making of the photograph, not the viewing of it. In this respect, to my mind at any rate, photography is a bit like fishing, in that the enjoyment derived from eating the fish can never outweigh the excitement of actually catching it.

I live at The Poor House alongside the A836, Scotland’s north coast road that runs between Thurso in the east and Tongue, somewhere in the middle! It’s a beautiful part of the country, a region made up of busy crofting communities, wild open spaces, deserted sandy beaches and it’s fair share of campervans!

The nearest supermarket is 40 miles away and our closest major shopping centre is Inverness, 100 miles to the south.


The guy in the photo is Monty, my closest friend and confidant. It’s with him that I share my inner-most thoughts and confessions. Not because he can’t repeat what he hears but because I know he won’t judge me.

Anyway, I hope you take some pleasure in looking through my photographs and if the urge takes you, drop a line to The Chimp.